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Could GDPR be a good thing for marketers?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force this month is causing a fair amount of concern and activity among businesses that want to ensure they comply with the rules.

While many firms will view this change as one big headache, it’s possible that there could be some positive repercussions, particularly for marketers.

What GDPR means for marketers

All firms taking part in consumer marketing activities, including dental practices, need to be aware of GDPR and what it means for their business.

The regulations were designed to give individuals throughout the EU (including the UK) more control over their personal data, by requiring all organisations holding this information to meet certain standards.

For businesses, it will have practical implications including a need for all consumers to give explicit consent before their personal data can be used.

As far as marketing is concerned, this means customers must ‘opt in’ to receive ongoing promotional messages, such as emails, newsletters and special offers.

Could this have a positive impact?

The introduction of GDPR has prompted a lot of uncertainty and concern among marketers that fear losing contact and engagement with their customers.

However, it has been noted that this regulatory change could actually be a positive development, particularly where email communications are concerned.

In an article for Econsultancy, Parry Malm, chief executive of marketing software provider Phrasee, argued that marketers should already be adhering to the principles enforced by GDPR.

Where email newsletter contact lists are concerned, there is little to be gained from sending messages to people who don’t want to receive them.

Mr Malm advised: “If you haven’t already been doing your due diligence to obtain positive opt-ins from your subscribers, you’ve simply been doing email marketing wrong.”

He added: “For brands and email marketers who are already following email marketing best practices, email marketing in a GDPR world will be much the same as it was in the pre-GDPR world.”

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