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Often, marketing and advertising campaigns can be caught up in being too clever, which can result in a convoluted message. More often than not, the actual point of the message can be lost entirely – so it’s important to remember context at all times.

In Robert W Bly’s book The Copywriter’s Handbook, he spends nearly a whole chapter focussing on keeping marketing and branding messages simple. He says, rather bluntly, “Write simply, when you write in a pompous way, you become a bore and alienate your consumer.”

This is a particularly forthright way of saying that no one feels out of place by having something explained too clearly. There’s basically no such thing – however, when you assume that your consumer understands everything about you and your company, you run the risk of making them feel unknowledgeable. This is particularly important when it comes to explaining your products and services. Try not to become bogged down in terminology and complex language – don’t forget that the aim of your marketing message is to communicate effectively with your audience.

You can completely professionalise your entire dental literature and gain expert marketing advice from Designer Dental, as we operate solely within the dental profession and know how to reach out to consumers in your industry.

We can help you stay on brand and keep your messages clear, concise and simple so you don’t lose the context of what you’re trying to communicate to your audience.

The best way to keep on track is to make sure that everything you do is well designed with strong, catchy headlines and clear calls to action.

Our experts are on hand to support you and make sure that everything you want to say is put across in the best way possible, but we will also advise you on superior content to ensure that you stand out from the dental surgery crowd.

For information on how Designer Dental can prevent you from losing the context of your message throughout all of your marketing materials, contact us now.

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