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Connect your patients to their oral healthcare

Considering how important it is to keep your teeth clean and healthy, it is surprising how few people think about it before and after a dental appointment. Patients often go away with information about their oral health that they disregard, and you may not see them again for another year or two.

This is caused by a disconnect between patients and their oral hygiene. People understand that having clean, healthy teeth and gums is a good thing, but are not necessarily motivated to improve in this area. It is only when they visit the dentist that they think about getting better at brushing more regularly.

If you want your patients to keep visiting you regularly, you need to start making them feel connected to their oral healthcare. One very effective way of achieving this is to keep score, enabling your patients to see concrete results showing whether they are getting better or worse at looking after their teeth.

To achieve this, you can use oral health/hygiene review postcards. This simple pieces of A6 branded card are used to record a patient’s health scoring, showing how well they have taken care of their teeth since their last check up. This postcard is then given to the patient to take home with them.

This provides them with encouragement to look after their teeth better. People love to win at things, which is why making everyday tasks into a game is such an effective tactic. If patients are trying to beat their previous health score, they are more likely to take better care of their oral health than usual.

The postcards serve as a concrete reminder of this oral healthscore. They will serve as a constant reminder of the state of their teeth and the need to beat their previous result. Getting a physical object to take home makes it much easier to remember a dental visit than if you just tell your patients how they did.

On the reverse of these postcards you can also add in a marketing message. This can be anything from a simple design featuring your practice’s logo to a call to action that encourages patients to come for a treatment. This makes the postcards a very versatile internal marketing tool.

The cards encourage a connection between patients and their oral healthcare, which in turn means they will feel more connected to their dentists. This makes them more likely to remember your practice, which is always going to benefit you when their friends or family start asking if anyone has a good dentist.

The benefits that can be gained by using oral health/hygiene review postcards make them well worth purchasing, especially if many of your patients don’t come to check ups as regularly as they should! These products are available for purchase from our online shop.

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