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Complement your decor with dental canvases

Displaying posters is an excellent way to exhibit your professionalism and impart messages to your current and potential patients. People in your waiting room will welcome something to occupy their minds, and your dental marketing posters can be really beneficial to your practice.

However, there are certain designs that lend themselves even better to canvases. Using a canvas instead of a poster can give a nice upmarket atmosphere to your dental practice, and will certainly leave a lasting impression on your patients.

Designer Dental stocks a wide range of canvas designs that can lend an upscale, professional air to your practice.


Black collection

This is probably the set of designs best suited to canvases. These canvases make heavy use of black and white, with splashes of colour, to give off an artistic atmosphere.

The canvases implore those viewing them to “love your smile”, have “confidence in your smile” and also informs them that “first impressions count… make your smile memorable”. The artistic theme and happy slogans help remind people of the positive results of dentistry.

This is a great way to make your patients feel more at ease. The dentist’s chair can make people very nervous, and the right atmosphere can go a long way towards calming them down.

The black collection will remind patients of a spa, and put them more at ease about the procedure that they are there for. The canvases remove some of the clinical atmosphere that is inevitable in a dental practice.


Cosmetic collection

Sometimes, patients need reminding of the cosmetic aspects of dentistry as well. No dentist wants to suggest that a patient gets their teeth straightened or whitened, for fear that it will come across as an insult.

Luckily, the cosmetic collection is available to keep patients informed. By showing them both what a perfect smile looks like and how to achieve it, you will find that your patients will be asking you about the treatments you offer.

With canvases entreating patients to “smile confidently with veneers” and “look sensational with our smile makeovers”, the cosmetic collection is a tasteful way to inform your patients of the appearance-altering procedures you offer.


Family collection

Remind your patients of the long-term services you will provide them with the family collection. These canvases show smiling family groups, with adults and young children alike showing off their healthy teeth.

The family collection reminds patients that long-term oral health is “a great reason to smile”. It will help your patients bear in mind that oral health will be needed from a very young age all throughout their lives.

It is also reassuring for children to see other young people happy and displaying healthy teeth. Infants can be very anxious at the dentist, and it might be helpful for parents to be able to point at a canvas and show them how good it is to have healthy teeth.


Orthodontic collection

Sometimes, it is necessary to simply inform your patients of the services that you have on offer. In these cases, a canvas can once again remove some of the clinical feeling of these messages and give them a more personal touch.

Designer Dental’s canvases can advertise invisible braces or other tooth straightening products that you offer in a casual manner. This will once again remind patients of the benefits of such a service, rather than making them aware of the procedure that they may already be anxious about.

The canvases advertise “the art of a beautiful, straight smile”, and make patients aware that tooth straightening is available at any age. These messages will almost certainly lead to patient queries, as they realise that they can have their teeth easily straightened.


Canvases, therefore, have a variety of uses. Their added professionalism, combined with a slightly casual feel, make them well worth the investment.

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