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Complement online work with offline work

Forbes wrote an article recently that detailed a bunch of different strategies it believes all businesses should be using in 2016.

As you can imagine, there was plenty in there, but one thing in particular that seemed useful to help push a strong marketing message was the importance of offline marketing.

The world is growing more and more digital every day, but that doesn’t mean that consumers don’t have an appreciation for physical marketing.

In fact, in a digitalsphere, physical marketing can be a welcome change, or a ‘quirk’ that reaches out to consumers in a way that supports your online strategy really well.

Forbes uses an example of Honest Tea, a company that writes “words of wisdom” inside its bottle caps to complement its work online.

Although she didn’t live in a digital age, Gabrielle Chanel sprayed the first batch of her Chanel No5 perfume around her couturie and gave physical free samples out to her customers to advertise and further market her brand.

This could work with toothbrushes or a lip balm that carries the message, or hashtag of your online marketing.

We’ve mentioned how to use hashtags in a previous article – which you can read here right now – and how they can really open up the engagement of your audience with your social media channels.

If you do have a service for customers that you would like to promote and you’re running a hashtag campaign on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, then it makes sense to complement it with something physical from your company.

Basically, by remembering to focus on your physical content marketing, as well as on your online marketing, you afford yourself the luxury of building further engagement and brand awareness.

Forbes says that doing things like this not only helps to share the experience and create a dialogue between your online and offline marketing, it also “nudges [customers] along the sales cycle”, the benefits of which you should hopefully see very quickly.

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