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Children ‘left with rotten teeth’ due to fizzy drinks consumption

Posted by Allie Wright

Parents who do not reduce the intake of fizzy drinks in their children may see their little ones are affected by tooth decay as a result of the acid in the products.

According to teacher Alex Evans, many of the kids in her class have seen their teeth eroded as a result of drinking too many of the fizzy drinks.

Writing for the Daily Mail, she explained one of the children looks like she has “little black pegs” in her mouth due to the decay that has been caused by the products.

“I rang her home umpteen times to ask her mother to make a dental appointment. Eventually, under tremendous pressure from the school and the welfare department, whom I alerted, she did,” Ms Evans told the news provider.

Dr Aamer and Lesley Reynolds Khan recently told the Daily Express that fizzy drinks can damage the whiteness of a smile, while broccoli, carrots and cauliflower were among the foods recommended to those looking to keep their teeth sparkling white.

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