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Chancellor opens dental practice in Cheshire

Marketing a dental practice is often difficult. Dentists do not necessarily provide a service that people want, as it is more like one they need in order to keep a good standard of oral health. As such, for many people visiting the dentist can seem like more of a chore than anything.

A practice’s dental marketing, therefore, needs to be done especially well in order to attract more patients. An example of where this has been done especially well can be found in a dental practice in Mobberley, Cheshire.

The ‘Love the Dentist’ practice was opened on January 10th by none other than the chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne. This is an excellent example of how to take advantage of the free marketing that a local celebrity can provide.

Mr Osborne was not opening the practice as chancellor, but acting in his capacity as MP for Tatton. Mobberley is in this constituency, so Love the Dentist’s owner Dr Greg Paysden was able to ask him to open the practice with little trouble.

This is a win-win situation for all involved. If you have a local celebrity, it is definitely worth seeing if you can involve them in your practice somehow. It is a great way for both parties to gain free exposure, as it is almost guaranteed to get into the local papers that will be read by those in the practice’s catchment area.

It is also very likely to leave you with some kind of positive quote from the celebrity in question. In this case, Mr Osborne said: “I am a huge supporter of small businesses and I congratulate Greg Paysden on opening his new dental practice in Mobberley… I wanted to show my support by opening it.”

Another excellent little piece of dental marketing comes from the practice’s name. Dr Paysden correctly identified that many people dislike going to the dentist, so he has based his new practice’s branding and image on one of friendliness and warmth. Again, this is a relatively simple tactic that can have a great effect.

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