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CCDAS appoints new chair

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Associate professor and director of education at the School of Dentistry at Birmingham Deborah White has been confirmed as the new chair of the British Dental Association’s (BDA’s) Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff (CCDAS) for the 2012/14 triennium.

Ms White, who was vice-chair in the last triennium, carries out clinical teaching and clinical work in the salaried services in Birmingham.

She thanked the BDA’s members for electing her to the role and stated it is a great honour, adding: “As dental academics, we are acutely aware of the changes taking place in higher education and also in dentistry that will have an impact on the next generation of dentists.”

Ms White named increasing university fees as one of the major factors that is set to have an impact on dentistry in the future.

Membership of the BDA is voluntary for those employed in the sector and around 23,000 people are signed up to the body.

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