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Brush-baby tackles infant oral health

Posted by Allie Wright

With 40 per cent of the UK’s under fives having tooth decay, it’s no wonder that an innovative range of dental products aimed at tackling this problem have received widespread praise.

Brush-Baby products were first designed by Dominique Tillen after she was unable to find a suitable toothbrush for her young daughter.

Now the range is stocked by popular chemist Boots and has been featured on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Daybreak and a number of other national programmes.

On top of this, interactive media and social networking have all assisted in fuelling demand for the product range, and bloggers, as well as celebrity tweeters, have all sung Brush-Baby’s praises.

But perhaps the most significant accolade received by Ms Tillen is the National Dental Award for innovation, which she was given by magazine Dental Hygiene and Therapy. The award recognises Ms Tillen’s efforts in catering to the niche market of infant dental health, a huge demographic which was previously not provided for.

Speaking about infant oral health, Ms Tillen said: “There’s a misnomer that baby teeth don’t matter, but this is not the case and parents and dentists now realise that it’s critical to look after both toothless gums and baby teeth. 

“With decay rates in under-fives reaching 40 per cent, the government is now setting targets for reducing decay and cavities in young children and our products are the ideal solution to this problem.”

As many parents are unsure of how to care for their children’s teeth, Brush-Baby aims to educate as well as provide mothers and fathers with a range of products to help give their baby the best dental care from the start.

Items in the range include a chewable toothbrush and teether and a finger brush. They are designed to care for children’s dental healthcare from toothless gums, through teething, and onto brushing and flossing a full set of baby teeth.

Now the range is expected to become a mainstream product for health and wellbeing in infants and children.

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