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Brighten up your waiting room with dental marketing posters

Posted by Joanne Mellor

Your practice’s waiting room is the perfect place to engage your patients through dental marketing and making use of dental posters is an ideal way to get your message across while brightening up what can – at times – be somewhat of a sterile atmosphere.

At Designer Dental, we offer a range of different products tailored to your needs.

Believe it or not, there is a variety of posters to suit every occasion and make sure that no matter what issue you want to address or what aspect of your practice you would like to advertise, it can be achieved in an attractive, effective manner.

Seasonal Collection

Good dental marketing can turn around any occasion and make it relevant to the product you are trying to raise awareness of.

Our season collection focuses on everything from New Year to Christmas, with a valuable message to patients to take advantage of your services.

For example, a Valentine’s Day poster to promote tooth whitening at the start of the year not only shows that you are making an effort to keep your practice up-to-date with major occasions throughout the year, but it also looks good and actively gets across a valuable, persuasive message.

Similarly, a winter message encouraging patients not to cover up their smile in the colder months brings a bit of topical humour to the waiting room while suggesting to patients to discuss with you their options.

Something Different Collection

Of course, your poster can carry an alternative message. Instead of advertising what services are available at your practice, why not thank your patients for their loyal custom?

Not only does this make them feel valued and increase loyalty even further, but it could also result in them telling their friends and family about your good customer service – potentially getting you even more appointments in the future.

Cosmetic Collection

If you would like to promote a particular service that you provide, then a friendly, informative poster to get the message across in the waiting room is an ideal way to do it.

As patients are waiting to see you their eyes will be drawn to the vibrant posters on your wall, raising their awareness of why something like veneers or dental implants could really make a difference to their lives.

If the issue is something they’ve previously been embarrassed about, then this type of dental marketing can go a long way to convincing them that they have nothing to be ashamed about and if they can see it being featured on a poster, it obviously isn’t that unusual.

Hygiene Collection

It’s always worth remembering that bond of trust between a dentist and patient. While dental posters can be used to advertise a certain offer, service or product, they can also be used to reinforce that relationship.

Health advice is a key element of any dental professionals role and this can be extending into the waiting room with such advice being displayed and promoted on the walls.

Not only does this highlight to the patient the importance of looking after their teeth, but it can also emphasise that your practice has their best interests at heart.

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