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Branding mistakes that are hurting your surgery

When it comes down to it, your dental marketing needs to help you to create a sustainable brand that represents your company and gives your audience a clear message at all times.

Although this sounds straightforward, it’s also very easy for you to make branding mistakes that can hurt your surgery’s marketing plans and so following its sales success. Any company is capable of making mistakes, whether they’re big or small but you might not even realise that you’re making any at all.

With this in mind, we have pulled together some examples of small but significant branding mistakes that you might be making and are subsequently resulting in your message being accidentally convoluted or misconstrued.  

Being inconsistent is one of the biggest issues that your dental surgery can face, as you need to make sure that you are presenting one identity to your audience at all times and across every platform. For example, your branding – everything from your logo to your colour palette – needs to be mirrored across your letterheads, website, pamphlets and more.

If you are sending out marketing messages that each have different logos, you’re going to confuse your audience because they might not recognise that the various materials are all coming from the one surgery. Make sure you have a brand style guide that you and your clients can follow and you’re sure to see the benefits.

Similarly, you shouldn’t blindly follow trends just because they are popular. You need to work out what will suit your company and branding and assimilate aspects of current trends if they fit with what you’re doing. Don’t lose your core identity by becoming heavily involved in what is hot as the moment and remember – trends pass and you don’t want your branding to become dated.

Using poorly worded copy in your marketing materials is also a surefire way to lose your audience and have difficulty in gaining new patients. Lots of practices are guilty of writing editorial in newsletters or on webpages that are too vague or aren’t a clear, accurate picture of their brand.

Although these are things that can be harmful to your dental surgery, they are also issues that can be easily fixed by just taking care to make sure you’re representing your practice the way you should be.

For information on how we can help you improve your surgery’s marketing, contact Designer Dental Marketing now.

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