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NHS patches Ôfail to help quitters’

BDHF backs Stoptober campaign

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

A leading dental charity has confirmed it is supporting the Stoptober campaign, which aims to persuade people to give up smoking this month.

The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) has announced it is backing the scheme to help some of the eight million people in the UK who are currently using cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

Daily hints, tips, statistics and motivational text messages are being provided to people who have expressed a desire to kick the habit.

“By organising campaigns such as Stoptober, smokers can continue to find the support they need and are given the final push and encouragement to finally give up smoking,” explained BDHF chief executive Dr Nigel Carter.

Dentists could help people to stop smoking by highlighting the benefits it can have in terms of oral health in dental marketing campaigns.

Smoking is a significant threat to health in the UK and should be tackled as effectively as possible.

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