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BDA: Dentists must resist PCT bullying

Posted by Allie Wright

Primary Care Trust (PCT) dental commissioning staff have been accused of bullying by the British Dental Association (BDA), which stated dentists ought to fight back.

According to general dental practice committee (GDPC) chair Dr John Milne, who was speaking at the 2012 Conference of Local Dental Committees, PCTs have been challenging “perfectly acceptable” treatment patterns in an attempt to claw back money.

“We have heard from practitioners working in a number of primary care trust areas that commissioning staff are adopting an unreasonable, bullying stance towards dentists,” said Dr Milne, who added this is “unfair, unhelpful and unacceptable”.

He urged dentists to refuse to be cowed by such actions from the PCT staff, although he admitted there is a need to tackle the small number of inappropriate treatment claims that are submitted by those working in the industry.

Derek Allen, a dentist at Affinity Dental Care in Cheltenham Road, recently told the Citizen it is not always clear for dentists what treatments the NHS will cover the cost of.

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