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Are you making your online content shareable?

In our modern age of internet memes and viral marketing, it’s evident just how big an impact a brand can make by producing content that is easily shareable.

Having your content shared by as many people as possible can help your dental practice to get its message out there and make a lasting engagement with members of the public.

But how exactly do you go about making content shareable? Here are a few approaches that could prove effective.

Make an emotional engagement

People who feel an emotional connection with a piece of content they have seen are much more likely to want to share that experience with others.

As far as dental practice marketing is concerned, making an emotional connection with viewers might seem like a difficult task. What can prove effective is to present your content in a way that reflects the underlying personal reasons for patients to use your services, such as the confidence they gain from cosmetic treatments or the relief of resolving a long-term dental health issue.

Make it relevant and useful

Communicating with your patients and developing a clear idea of what they want from their dental practice can help to ensure that your marketing content is relevant to them, providing something that is useful and informative.

People who come across a piece of content they believe has genuine value will want it to share it with others.

As well as being useful in a practical sense, online content can have value in terms of simply being funny, interesting or entertaining.

Keep up with trends in online marketing

While it’s never a good idea to mimic other brands, looking at the methods that have worked for particularly successful online marketing campaigns could provide some inspiration and offer an insight into what types of content are being widely shared at the moment.

Keeping up with trends in marketing and consumer habits can help to ensure your brand stays fresh and relevant. Alternatively, you might want to consider going against the grain and distinguishing your business by doing something completely different.

For advice and information on how shareable online content and other promotional methods could help your practice, contact Designer Dental today.

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