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Are traditional forms of marketing still suitable for your dental surgery?

When we think of the word traditional regarding dental marketing, it can perhaps make us think of things like direct mail and newsletters posted through letter boxes. While this is one way to look at it, this isn’t a conclusive definition.

Instead, traditional forms of marketing refer to types of promotion or advertising that you have used previously and have also worked well in the past. In this way, each dental surgery could have its own version of traditional marketing. However, it’s fair to say that the forms of traditional marketing are usually flyers, adverts in print and physical newsletters.

The question remains though, are these still suitable for your dental marketing? Although the world is becoming increasingly digital and people are more dependent on their mobile technology, it can be something of a disruptor if your surgery produces traditional content that catches the eye of your patients.

In reality, it can still very much depend on which section of your audience you are trying to reach, for example, if there are a lot of older generation people at your surgery and you know they respond well to your posted flyers and communication then why would you stop producing this?

What it’s best to do is ensure that you are diversifying the ways you communicate with people so you are reaching out to all the different clients on your contact list.

For example, people who are more au fait with technology will appreciate information through a digital newsletter, instead of posted to their home address. A younger audience is likely to respond well to animated videos that they can watch on their phone when they’re in your waiting room.

Again, you shouldn’t discredit or forget traditional forms of marketing if they continue to work well for you; these can include things like posters, pamphlets or customer feedback forms.

The lesson here is to promote a range of marketing materials and not to think it’s a good idea to shut something off just because you want to modernise.

For information on how we can help you engage your audience with all types of marketing materials, contact Designer Dental now.

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