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Antonio Banderas promotes sugarfree gum

Posted bv Rachel Lucas

Antonio Banderas has joined forces with Wrigley’s Extra to promote the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking in order to help keep the mouth healthy.

The international movie star is best known for his roles in Shrek and Desperado but now he will be playing himself in the new advertising campaign which is to be launched on February 14th.

The theme of the ad is Break Up With Lingering Food and highlights the fact that some food and drink that we consume can linger for a long time in the mouth, threatening our overall oral health.

It aims to reinforce the chewing gum company’s eat, drink, chew message and shows Banderas being teased by a food gang representing the items which loiter around our mouths the most after consumption.

Louisa Rowntree, Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme (WOHP) manager in the UK, said: “Wrigley is spreading the message to UK consumers that chewing sugarfree gum benefits oral health, especially for people who are busy and eating and drinking on-the-go.”

Independent clinical research and laboratory trials have shown that chewing sugarfree gum for 20 minutes after meals can help to reduce the chances of tooth decay by neutralising the plaque acids which can damage tooth enamel.

The benefits of chewing sugarfree gum to keep teeth healthy have been backed by the British Dental Health Foundation and the Irish Dental Association. The two industry bodies agree that as well as neutralising plaque acids, chewing sugarfree gum can also balance the pH in the mouth and maintain tooth mineralisation.

In addition, sugarfree gum can protect against early damage to tooth enamel and rebuild enamel which has already worn away.

WOHP says its mission is to publicise these messages as well as make people aware of their overall dental health and the things which can prove harmful to it. It also aims to work with dental healthcare professionals to help further spread the word about the benefits of chewing gum in between brushing.

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