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Advertise your practice with branded lip balm

Many dentists still subscribe to the practice of handing out lollipops to children after a dental check-up. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to hand out a sugary treat after having checked that a patient is keeping their teeth healthy and safe from decay, it does highlight one of the key aspects of dental marketing.

People love to receive gifts. Being given something at the end of a dental check-up, which can be a very unpleasant experience for some children, helps to leave them with a positive impression of your dental practice. However, there are flaws with giving out lollipops.

Firstly, there is the aforementioned mixed message that sweet treats give off. You will have told your patients to avoid sugar before giving them something made predominantly of sugar. Secondly, lollipops tend not to last long in the hands of children, so they cannot be used to spread your brand. Thirdly, it tends to be patronising to give them to adults, so they can only be used with young patients.

A good promotional gift not only makes the person it is given to pleased with you and your practice; it also should spread awareness of your brand. As such, there are better gifts to give out than lollipops, and branded lip balm is one of these.

Lip balm is something that people commonly lose, but often need. This makes people reluctant to buy more, as they are sure they have some somewhere. As such, they will be surprisingly pleased to receive a tube for nothing.

Therefore, this has much the same effect as giving out lollipops to children, but without the sugar. It also has the added benefit of being around for much longer, thus giving your practice added exposure. As people use your promotional lip balm, the people around them will see your branding and become more aware of your practice.

Designer Dental can print not only your practice’s brand onto promotional lip balm, but also your contact details. This means your patients will have your details at hand as long as they have their lip balm with them, to use themselves or hand out to friends and family in need of a dentist. They may even be extra careful with your lip balm specifically because of this fact.

One reason why promotional lip balm is a good idea, specifically for dentists, is that it helps to raise awareness of precisely what dental practices can offer. Dental care is so often associated purely with teeth. However, people generally forget that dentists can cover many aspects of oral health.

Diseases such as mouth cancer are often caught too late because patients are unaware that their dentist can check up on their mouths, not just their teeth. As such, an item such as lip balm helps to reinforce the idea that dentists do not deal purely with teeth, but with other areas of the mouth as well.

You can give away lip balm as part of a campaign based around beautiful smiles, or as a seasonal promotion in the winter months where chapped lips are common. It will give your practice a very friendly atmosphere, and remind patients that you are not a clinical figure but a friendly one.

You want your patients to leave your practice happy that they took the time out of their day to visit the dentist. Giving them a gift at the end of a procedure can go a long way towards having your patients leave with a smile on their face.

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