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5 ways to keep in touch with your dental patients

One key element of marketing a dental surgery should be keeping in touch with existing patients. After all, for patients who only need regular check-ups and hygienist cleanings, you may only see them for two to three hours each year.

What are they doing for the other 8,757 hours of the year? Well, if you’re doing your marketing right, at least a few of those hours will be thinking about your dental surgery. Sure, your surgery is likely to think of you when brushing their teeth and flossing – but what about when they’re browsing through social media, checking the post or reading emails?

The value of keeping in touch

Keeping your dental surgery in the minds of patients, even when they don’t need your services, means that they’re more likely to suggest your clinic when friends and family members ask for recommendations.

It also engenders a sense of brand loyalty, helping to ensure the next time they need to see a dentist, they chose to call your surgery, rather than trying somewhere new.

The key is to be consistent and helpful, but not too obtrusive. Here are some ideas you might want to try:

  1. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all great options for marketing a dental surgery on social media, but you need to keep your account active. A couple of posts a day is a good idea (but don’t go overboard!), and if you don’t think you can stay on top of all the various social media outlets, then it’s better to choose just one or two to focus your efforts on.
  2. Cards – Find occasions for sending out cards to your patients. This could be to say thanks for a referral, holiday cards or even notes to mention special events – like an invitation to a community event that you’ll be attending.
  3. Newsletters – Content for newsletters could include tips for good dental hygiene, explanations of certain cosmetic procedures, testimonials and news about the dental surgery.
  4. Promotional items – Consider giving away free promotional items with your branding and contact details on them. These could include toothbrushes, floss, magnets, key chains, pens, lip balm or other items that people will use regularly and think of you.
  5. Website – Update your website regularly with fresh content. This could include videos, blog posts, news articles or simply updated content. Also, be sure to check that details on team pages, opening hours and contact info are correct.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing a dental surgery, please contact Designer Dental today.

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