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5 key benefits of waiting room slideshows

Waiting rooms can be a fruitful environment for dental practices that want to engage the interest of patients and pass on key pieces of information. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a slideshow.

As well as being useful for patients, this approach provides an opportunity for the practice to promote some of its services.

Here are five big benefits to be gained from using waiting room slideshows:

Putting people at ease

It is to be expected that many people in dentists’ waiting rooms will be feeling nervous. Slideshows can help put patients at ease by reminding them that friendly staff and dental professionals are on hand to answer their questions and allay any fears they might have.

Giving advice

Offering simple tips and advice on oral health is an easy way to give something back to your patients and enrich their experience. Slideshows are an engaging platform on which to show information such as the leading causes of oral health problems and habits people should get into at home.

Promoting less well-known services

Most patients will be aware of the basic treatments available from their dentist, but might not know of additional services such as dental hygienist consultations and teeth whitening. Waiting room slideshows can prove very effective in promoting everything your practice has to offer.

Passing on positive feedback

Many people will view the experiences of previous patients as a key indicator of what they can expect to receive from their dentist. Showcasing positive feedback from real people will help to increase confidence in your services and improve your brand image.

Highlighting different engagement channels

By capturing people’s attention in the waiting room, you can inform them of the various channels they can use to communicate with the practice or make an appointment, such as online or via an app, if you offer one.

Find out more about slideshows and other tools to promote your services by contacting Designer Dental.

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