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4 reasons why headlines are vital to you

Much like the heading of an email send out the headline of any piece of copy is the most important part of it. Why? Because if people don’t like the headline, they aren’t going to want to read the main body of your article/ebook/leaflet.

In his guide, The Copywriter’s Handbook, Robert B. Bly wrote an entire chapter on the importance of getting the headline of your piece of content perfect.

There has to be a reason for someone to want to read about why your dental products and services are better than anyone else’s and, believe it or not, this can all hang on whether or not someone is enticed by your headline.

If you think about the world today and how overly stimulated we all are by information every day, then you’ll already know what you expect from a headline as a consumer.

Mr Bly has a concept, known as the “4 U’s”, which is one that can help almost any business improve the rate of engagement with their editorial copy.

These 4 U’s are:

  1. Urgent
  2. Unique
  3. Ultra-Specific  
  4. Useful

With each of these, you are aiming to convince your consumer that they need to act now, that the copy will tell them something they don’t know, that you’re getting to the point and that there will be a benefit to what you have to tell them.

This can be more difficult to do in practice, but a good starting point is to think about the kind of articles you click on when you’re only presented with a headline.

Sometimes it can be helpful to write the body of your ebook, newsletter or article first and then base the title of the piece on the text you’ve written.

When you have chosen your headline, you can test the strength of it by ranking it from one to four – with the former being the weakest and the latter being the strongest.

You’re aiming for a three to four on at least three of the U’s we’ve outlined above, and if you have that then you know you’ve created a headline that is intriguing enough to give information about your products and services to your customer.

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