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3 ways to bring in new dental patients

Do you find that marketing your dental products and services is often subject to trial and error? Promoting your surgery and the procedures that you offer is something that is non-negotiable. However, knowing exactly the best way to reach your audience can be difficult.

This is largely because there are so many options available, posters, ebooks, email marketing, brochures, direct mail and so much more. So, where do you begin?

First of all, you should remember that you don’t always require a brand new approach each time. Dental Economics says that repetition can be the key to successful marketing. For example, if you try direct mailing postcards about your surgery and send the same postcard to the same people four times over the course of 12 months. Doing this will help to make sure people are paying attention to your message and should increase the percentage of your new client sign ups.

An unfortunate truth is that going to the dentist isn’t necessarily a person’s favourite activity, similarly to needing to get their car fixed, a client is often more concerned with the inconvenience of the issue. When it comes to their teeth, your customers will also be wary or nervous about procedures, pain and cost, which is why you need to do your best to put them at ease. Dental Economics refers to tactics for making people feel comfortable as trust elements, these are even small things that can make someone less nervous about a trip to your surgery.

These can be as simple as photos of your staff and yourself in your brochures, or in posters and postcards that you send out to them. By putting your face to your message, you’re much more likely to gain the trust of your clients and put their minds at rest about procedures and difficult services. Testimonials and success stories can also go a really long way to helping boost your new and return business. Reviews, ratings and customer recommendations act as social proof and enhance your credibility.

And of course, a discount is one of the most customer-friendly approaches there is – although you might not be so keen on it. However, consider that there is quite a lot of choice out there as a potential client, so offering a free consultation, x-ray or a discount on adult braces could very well work in your favour.

To talk more about these three options and any other ideas you might be considering for your marketing strategy, contact Designer Dental now.

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