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10% ‘suffer from dental phobia’

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Approximately one out of every ten people are affected by some form of dental phobia, according to the British Dental Health Federation (BDHF).

Women are more likely to experience anxiety regarding going to the dentist than men, the organisation pointed out, in information that may be included in dental marketing campaigns.

Some 30 per cent are afraid of having a tooth drilled, while 28 per cent are worried about having a local anaesthetic injection when they get their teeth and gums checked out.

However, modern dentistry has benefited from technological developments that mean a trip to the dentist should almost always be pain-free, the BDHF noted.

Some practices even specialise in treating those patients who are nervous about having work carried out on their teeth and gums, it was added.

Karen Coates, dental advisor at the BDHF, recently highlighted the fact that going to the dentist is not as expensive as a lot of people believe it to be.

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