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Dental laboratory brochures: A window into your world

Dental laboratory brochures are the single most important piece of literature that you will ever produce. The brochure serves as a doorway into the world of your dental laboratory, giving dentists an idea of what you are about and what makes you more special than the rest, making it a vital component of the dental laboratory marketing mix. If your dental laboratory brochure does not distinguish you from the rest, the chances are your brochure will be left on a pile with all the others which failed to stimulate interest from dentists.

When you send out your dental laboratory brochure, you are essentially giving dentists the key to your front door. That means that as soon as they turn the first page, they need to be bowled over not only by the products and services you provide but also the way those products and services are put across. The design must represent the professionalism of your laboratory and make an immediate impact with the recipients.
At Designer Dental, we know that first impressions count and that every enquiry is a chance to strengthen your brand. We produce eye-catching and professional dental laboratory brochures which are rich in information but not filled with irrelevant facts and figures which clients do not need to know.

With that in mind, it is important to decipher early on which information should be included. Dental laboratory prices are essential, as dentists will want to know how much you charge for your services. The dental laboratory brochure should also distinguish you from the competition. That means it needs to highlight what makes you special and convey this clearly and directly to whoever reads it.

Your dental marketing brochure should also work to strengthen your brand. Dental laboratory branding can really shine in a brochure provided it has been put together in the right way.

At Designer Dental, each dental laboratory brochure we have compiled is individual and bespoke. We see dental laboratory brochures as an excellent opportunity for creativity.

Dental laboratory brochures: Seize the opportunity

If dentists have taken the time to find out more about you it means they require your products or services or will do at some point in the future. As a dental marketing tool, it is unrivalled in the impact it can have.

That is why it is crucial that an experienced team is in charge of producing your dental laboratory brochure, from the design right through to the finished product.
At Designer Dental, we have extensive experience in producing dental laboratory brochures which tick all of the right boxes in terms of dental laboratory branding and maximising its effects as a dental marketing tool.

Dental laboratory brochures from Designer Dental

With over 15 years experience providing dental laboratory brochures to clients throughout the UK, we are active members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and we have the expert knowledge to make sure you dental laboratory brochure cements your relationship with existing and potential clients.

Over the years we have worked with numerous clients who have reaped the rewards of our attractive dental laboratory brochures. Orthodontists, dentists, oral hygiene professionals and many others have seen first  hand just how important dental laboratory brochures are as part of wider dental practice marketing efforts.

We take great pride in the work that we do and only dental laboratory brochures of the very highest quality leave our offices. One of the most important parts of our business is our commitment to customer service and the testimonials from our satisfied clients are proof of this.

Whatever message you want to convey with your dental laboratory brochure, we can provide it. To find out more about how the experts at Designer Dental can revitalise your dental laboratory brochure and help it have the impact it is supposed to have, request a brochure today.

You can also contact us should you require further information on the other dental marketing services we provide, which include branding for dental laboratories, dental laboratory exhibition material and dental laboratory stationary.

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